Employment Opportunities

At Ard's Farm, our roots are in agriculture and farming; giving us a unique perspective on food: how to grow it, how to cook it and how to serve it. As a family owned and operated business for over 25 years, we are looking for hard-working individuals to join our team! We are hiring for the following positions:

Ard's Farm is hiring! We are very hopeful for winter's end and the arrival of spring. We are also very hopeful that spring will bring the return of our outdoor seating in the restaurant, as well as special events and weddings! And, of course, the perfect season to plant tasty fruits and vegetables. We have a great team of wonderful, dedicated employees...but we need a few more.
Part-time opportunities exist:
-in the market as a customer service team member (no experience necessary)
-in our catering department as an event server (no experience necessary, mostly weekends)
-in our catering department as an event host (some catering and/or food service experience preferred)
-in our catering department as a bar tender (some experience preferred, mostly weekends)
Full-time opportunities exist:
-in our catering department as Director of Catering Sales (sales and catering experience required)
-in our catering department as Catering Logistics Team Member (no experience necessary)
To apply, for more information, or for full job description, please email [email protected]
The application is also available here.

Qualifications For All Positions:

  • Good customer service skills for communicating with customers and other staff
  • Ability to operate efficiently in a fast-paced environment

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